Example Of Spreadsheet Software

Example Of Spreadsheet Software – a lot of people, functioning by spreadsheets is a necessary evil. a bit they duty continue to get their job done. database software is important for homes, students and businesses. We chose good-quality database software, through a lasting mix of paid-for and on the house products.

This commentary takes a seem at a number of of the most popular spreadsheet software letters available. It provides an overview of each, captivating a guise at their different functionalities and benefits. So, you will learn spreadsheets as well as reviews of spreadsheet software and which is best for your big business and each day starting point work.

Example Of Spreadsheet Software

Example Of Spreadsheet Software
Example Of Spreadsheet Software

Example Of Spreadsheet Software

1. Microsoft Excel:
Developer(s): Microsoft
Initial release: 1987
Stable release: 2016 (16.0.6769.2017) 12th April 2016
For Mac:- 2016 (15.24.0)/12th July 2016
Operating System: Microsoft Windows, macOS
Type: Spreadsheet

2. Apache Open Office Calc:
Developer(s): Star Office -Star Division (1984-1999)
Sun Microsystems (1999-2010)
Oracle Corporation (2010-2011)
Apache Software Foundation (2011 to Present)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type: Spreadsheet

3. Pyspread:
Original Author(s): Martin Manns
Stable release: 8th January 2017 (1.1)
Written In: Python
Operating system: Windows, Unix-like
Type: Spreadsheet

4. Calligra Sheets:
Developer(s): KDE
Release on: 20th December 2016 (Version
Operating System: UNIX-like, Windows
Type: Spreadsheet

5. Quattro Pro:
Original Author(s): Borland
Developer(s): Corel Corporation
Initial release: 1988
Stable release: X8 in 2016
Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Type: Spreadsheet

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