Food Cost Calculator Spreadsheet

Food Cost Calculator Spreadsheet– The calculator:
purchase price per kilo: think, when shopping, consider the price per kilo of ingredients you buy. In this column, enter only the price per kilo of your ingredients for the calculations are correct.

Price per liter: It is not always easy to know the price per liter of liquids used in your kitchen since the changes of the packages according to the products .. So we think to put a price volume converter for your liquids, the bottom of the calculator. They use it to calculate the price per liter, if you have liquid ingredients in your food preparation. In this column entrezuniquement the price per liter.

The purchase price per unit: This table is necessary if it is used in your recipe, for example, 1 lemon or juice, or other ingredients that can be purchased in the unit. In this lemon example, write in the box, the price of a lemon. In the particular case of eggs, take the price of the box, divide it by the number of eggs in the box, and you have the price per unit, it is kept so that you enter the number of eggs used. In this column, enter only the unit price.

Note: For an ingredient, there can not be just one box with a price. Either it is a price per kilo, or it is a price per liter or it is a unit price. If two boxes have a price for a single ingredient, the calculation shows “error”. Then, please rectify.

Food Cost Calculator Spreadsheet

Food Cost Calculator Spreadsheet
Food Cost Calculator Spreadsheet

Amount used: This chart has multiple possible entries.
– If you have a price per kilo, enter the amount used for your recipe expressed in grams. For example, enter the number of 500 to 500 grams of beef.

– If you have a price per liter, enter the amount used for your recipe expressed in the MLS. For example, enter the number 500 for half a liter of red wine. A bottle of cider, which shows 75 centiliters equivalent to 750 milliliters. One liter is equal to 1000 milliliters.

– If you have a price per unit you will enter the number of units that are used to make your plate. For example, if you use three lawyers have bought the room, enter the number 3

And yet ?

If the calculation is not performed? It is that he has expressed his numbers with a comma and not with a point for decimals. Enter the numbers with a period if they contain decimals and everything will be in order.

Refresh the page in order to perform a new calculation.

What else ?

With this calculator you can calculate, of course, the cost of a recipe for a pizza, a cake that has the secret, but you can also calculate the cost of a meal or a full menu! Simply add all the ingredients, your purchase price and the amount used for your complete meal, from appetizer to dessert.

In summary, this interactive calculator special for gourmets, serves to accurately assess the cost of any meal, a sandwich, a pizza, a fish soup, a simple fried steak, and the most sophisticated dishes.

You will be given many services, which is in charge of preparing the family meal, if the professional restoration and you are looking to evaluate the profitability of a dish, you are responsible for the restoration, or, you may want to know how many people each to pay, within the context of a shared meal price.

Experiment at home, for example, by evaluating the cost of the food days of your home, by recognizing the three daily meals. Enter the numbers in the interactive calculator. Surprises guaranteed! This also allows you to consider a budget.

Meanwhile, this free interactive tool allows you to know only the price of the energy used for cooking, which is equipped with a gas stove or oven, electricity, ceramic hob, or an induction hob. IL Simply tell the software only the cooking time. For this evaluation, we made an average minute of all cooking methods, packages without taking into account taxes and I.V.A.

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