Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Grant Tracking Spreadsheet are widely used by administrators of nonprofits, independent research institutes, colleges, and departments within large, research intensive universities to keep up with the overall grant funding of their organization. They are easy to set up and offer numerous options for maintaining information in tabular formats. Information can be sorted as needed and new versions can be quickly adapted as analysis requirements change. An example of a format frequently used by grant administrators is shown below.

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Grant Tracking Spreadsheet Example

Grant tracking spreadsheets are frequently used to track summary information in tabular format. The example shown above includes the names of key personnel, funding agency, agency number, project start and end dates, title, and direct and total budget for each grant. The spreadsheet is sorted by the names of the key personnel and the total budgets for the organization. Examples of variations in this format include the addition of columns for tracking grant status (active or pending), type of sponsor (Federal, State, and Private), institutional proposal and / or project number, etc.

Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

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