Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business– To keep accounts of our small business or business is not necessary to have a management program, or have high computer skills. Excel and its templates make it very easy for us to keep accounts of our company and, thus, we can create an accounting system with Excel.

What economic data of our company can we carry through Excel?
Through the Excel sheets, we can keep track of our sales, expenses and revenues, or stock management, among others. Applying Excel functions or making inquiries we can know the development of our activity, how are our accounts, if we are having too much spending, if our income has increased this year … All this is essential for businessmen in decision making .

We can always design our own spreadsheets to keep accounts of our company. But if we do not know how to do it and we have little idea, the most comfortable thing is to help us from an Excel business template, which will also save us a lot of time, we will only have to adapt them to our needs and the characteristics of our small business.

Excel also allows us to represent the data of the sheets through graphics, this will give us a clearer vision of what is happening in our company in relation to economic activity.

  • Expenses and income: that is, how much money comes in and how much goes into our company. Collecting the income and expenses in a table for each month and year, will allow us to obtain a summary of the savings per month and year. Excel templates for business expenses and revenues are the ideal solution to control cash flow and know the liquidity of the business.

  • Accounting. Related to the control of expenses and income of the company is accounting. There are different accounting books that every entrepreneur must keep up to date, we can use Excel to record the accounting entries, update the daily book and thus know the general balance of the business. Excel templates are prepared to enter the information and get what we are looking for, without needing to be experts in the field.

  • Sales: you can collect in an Excel the items that are sold by day, month, … this will allow us to have a vision of the evolution of sales by periods. The commercial management with Excel allows us to relate the sales with the entries of articles that will allow us to know if our stock is enough or not.

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business
Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business

How do Excel templates help us control revenues and expenses?
Today we want to focus on templates for income and expenses. Having a template that does this to us, as we have said, will save us a lot of time, we will just enter the data (what goes in and out) and make inquiries. You can download a template to control the expenses of your company, which will allow us to:

  1. Have collected all the income and expenses of our company by date and identified with a description.

  2. Make inquiries of income or expenses as well as the difference between them for the month and year that we indicate to Excel.

  3. Have a summary per year of the income and expenses that have been produced in our company.

  4. And most importantly, know the savings that has occurred for each year that we consult. Excel will automatically calculate the difference between income and expenses to get the annual savings.

  5. The Excel accounting templates allow you to record the accounting entries of each movement made by the company, updating the accounting books: journal, general ledger, balance sheet, profit and loss account …

Knowing our expenses, what kind of expenses are the most expensive, as well as the savings of our company (which can be positive or negative), we can make sound decisions regarding our business activity to modify this data if necessary.

For example, if our savings in a month or year is negative, we know that we have to modify something to be more profitable, we will have to reduce the expenses of our company and / or increase revenues. If we know what our expenses are and where we spend the most, we know that we should try to lower these.

As we can see, it is not necessary to have great computer skills, or Excel, to easily carry out the billing with Excel and accounting of our small company. In addition, the templates will do almost the work for us. We only have to enter the data of our company and activity (income / expenses) and make inquiries to know what interests us.

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