Spreadsheet For Business Plan

Spreadsheet For Business Plan – Plan a new business or restructure an existing one. With this worksheet, you will structure your project and objectively evaluate everything that is necessary to do it! Registration of general business data and legal aspects , Make the registration of the main information of your business and the legal nature of it.

Word Templates For Business Plans And Templates For Business Plans
Word Templates For Business Plans And Templates For Business Plans

Data of the partners in the project

Record the information of those who are composing the project and their main qualifications.

Canvas of Business Model

Mount the business model canvas. It is a simplified and easy to understand model of how the company will create value for the client. This structure can be presented on an A4 sheet and divided into 9 blocks for you to fill.

Value curve

Mount your value curve. With this tool, you will begin to understand in which aspects your idea will be differentiated from direct or indirect competitors.

Strategic plan

Do all the strategic planning of your company. Start defining mission, vision and values, do a SWOT analysis, understand the market with the competitive forces of Porter and define the strategic goals of your project.

Marketing plan

Here you will make your marketing plan, following the guidelines of the 4 P’s (marketing mix): product, price, place and promotion. It will also try to estimate the size of its market, according to the chosen target audience

Prediction of products and services

Choose the price of your products and services from the direct costs and the expectation of contribution margin.

Spreadsheet For Business Plan

Spreadsheet For Business Plan
Spreadsheet For Business Plan

Financial plan

Make your sales projections, initial investment and project expenses. Get the 5 year financial plan automatically from your business plan.

Automatic Reports

See if your business is really promising with feasibility indicators (VPL, TIR and Payback) in the Financial Plan Report. Also analyze automatic reports of the Strategic Plan and the Marketing Plan.

Feasibility Dashboard

Accompany, as you fill out the spreadsheet, a dashboard with graphs and automatic information on the evolution of the viability of your business.

Financial Dashboard

View in a simple and intuitive way the evolution of your business plan from the financial point of view.

Scenario Analysis

Define the changes in the indicators and see how it affects your business plan.

Executive Summary

Print the executive summary of your business plan automatically. This summary report will be ready to be shown to potential partners, investors and / or partners in the new venture.

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