Expense Calculator Spreadsheet

Expense Calculator Spreadsheet – Four time ago, I was giving out an dwelling with 3 of my friends. At the end of all month, we would sit together, jog our memory to remember disbursement details, and use a calculator to get each one person’s share.

Expense Calculator Spreadsheet

Expense Calculator Spreadsheet
Expense Calculator Spreadsheet

And we old to get it wrong each time.

Now I am now by a Shared Expense Calculator Template. It can be used when you are incurring expenses to are collective by lots of relations (for example, sharing apartment building expenses or vacation/trip expenses). All you poverty to do is enter the details, and it willpower consequentially ascertain you who owes whom.

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Now previous to you caper in and download the template, at this time is a not enough bit almost how it works:

Shared price Calculator

  1. Create a slant of individuals in the middle of whom the expenses are to be shared. This possibly will be the come to of relatives on the slip or the number of populace in the flat. To do this, come into the names in the range A2:A11 in the table ‘Backend Calculation’ (I have a dummy list here. You can change it along with your own list).
  2. Enter expenses in the Expense niceties tab. The Who remunerated column has a let go down with the purpose of shows all the names you entered in stage 1. So you can simply select the name since the list.
  3. As soon as you put in the details, it automatically shows you the expense giving out summary. For example, in the model below, Michael (in red) owes Joe (in Green). The amount is mentioned in between the two names.

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