Google Doc Spreadsheet Tutorial

Google Doc Spreadsheet Tutorial– Use Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet application that allows you to create spreadsheets and format them, as well as work with other users.

Google Doc Spreadsheet Tutorial

Google Docs Spreadsheet Tutorial
Google Docs Spreadsheet Tutorial

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet
To create a spreadsheet:

Open the spreadsheet home screen at
Click on New Add. Doing so will open a new spreadsheet.
You can also create spreadsheets from the URL

Step 2: Edit a spreadsheet and format it
You can add and edit a spreadsheet, as well as format the text, numbers and formulas it contains.

Edit spreadsheets and format them
Add formulas and functions to a spreadsheet

Step 3: Share content and work with others
You can share folders and files with other people and give them permission to see, edit or comment on them.

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