Pc Miler Spreadsheets

Pc Miler Spreadsheets– PC Miler is a routing application, mapping and mileage software designed for the transportation industry. It offers functions such as the visualization of the most profitable routes that depend on your personalized preferences. It also shows the quality of the roads, the terrain and the distance of their routes. You can also add stops and customize the route to use roads or preferred regions. You can set up a route with PC Miler in a few clicks.

Pc Miler Spreadsheets

Pc Miler Spreadsheets
Pc Miler Spreadsheets


1 Start the PC Miler application. Click on “Options”, “Region” and enter the region of your destination.

2 Enter your initial address and the final address. Press the “F7” key if you have stops in between.

3 Enter the source address and the “Stop” address.

4 Highlight each entered address and press the “Shift” key. Move the arrows up and down to order the stops in the order you need them.

5 Click on “Options”. Select your routing options by checking the boxes next to “Discouraged Toll,” “open borders,” or “routing center.”

6 Designate the type of route by choosing “improved ETA”, “short” or “practical”.

7 Click “OK”, “Execute”. Your route is shown with the options you have selected.

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