Task Manager Spreadsheet Template

Task Manager Spreadsheet Template – It can be said without fear of exaggeration that all companies use spreadsheets as a tool for the integration, consolidation and presentation of reports that involve recurring activities and large volumes of operations. Due to its versatility, ease of handling and storage, this is one of the preferred tools not only for the preparation of reports, but also for the control of employee activities.

In spreadsheets you can record the sales that each of the sellers makes every day. With this information, supervisors can consolidate the performance of their employees and report their global figures to their superiors. At the same time, spreadsheets can import items from other databases, and calculate average sales, collections, maturity of the portfolio and liquidate commissions and incentives for performance. Sometimes it seems that the spreadsheets had been designed in the same sky, for the benefit of those in charge of preparing consolidated reports. You can even program with mathematical formulas!

Task Manager Spreadsheet Template

Task Manager Spreadsheet Template
Task Manager Spreadsheet Template

The reality is that this tool, so versatile and widely used, is also the perfect vehicle to perpetrate, disguise and conceal fraud in all known ways. It is convenient to be alert.

First, spreadsheets do not have reliable information security systems. It is practically impossible to protect the data of a spreadsheet, which in practice means that there is no guarantee that what a person registers in them is actually what is consolidated as information for company directives. The so-called last mile information, the one that presents thick figures resulting from crossing and adding information from various sources and databases, can be manipulated with simple schemes and algorithms, resulting in a total distortion of the reality that was wanted to be presented. As an example, we cite the case of a sales supervisor of a well-known company, who

the inconvenience of having to explain to their superiors the negative figures of their performance reports was avoided by resorting to the simple trick of presenting these figures in WHITE font color, which, against the white background of the spreadsheet, was simply impossible. watch. Also with an Excel function, it converted to zero or

blank all inconvenient numbers to show.

These are just two of the many ways to manipulate information, to the detriment of the necessary clarity required for administrative or fiscal decision-making and granting of bonuses.

Do not rely blindly on the management systems of large volumes of information. Usually, they are not designed to protect their assets, but only to facilitate collection and analysis. Advise yourself well and evaluate the risks associated with its use.

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