Wedding Expense Spreadsheet

Wedding Expense Spreadsheet- Learn and practice with your spreadsheet, Excel or other spreadsheets, making this simple budget to control expenses of a wedding.

Maybe you need to know how to make a simple budget template for a wedding or banquet, because nothing easier with a spreadsheet program.

With Excel or any other spreadsheet you can make a simple and at the same time effective budget to capture the numbers of your wedding or a similar celebration such as a baptism or a first communion.

Follow the steps below and you will see how easy and fast you have prepared that budget for your event.


Wedding Expense Spreadsheet

Wedding Expense Spreadsheet
Wedding Expense Spreadsheet

Open a spreadsheet

Situate yourself in cell A1 and write total budget in capital letters. Choose a font size larger than the one that comes by default and a different color from black, for example orange. You can learn how to do it by reading about Format: Colors and borders.

Now placed in row 2, write A2, B2, C2 and D2 respectively: Expenses,% of total budget, estimated or budgeted expenditure, actual expenditure. Put it in Bold and set the column width for example at 22.

You will write the items to buy to make the event. For example, to do this, type in A3: Ceremony and below in A4: Marriage license, payment to the church or town hall.

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In A5: Reception

A6: Rent of the room, food, drink, disco.

A7: Costumes and hairdressing

A8: Dress, groom’s suit, shoes, jewelry, accessories, makeup.

A9: Rings

A10: Rings and their inscription

A11: Flowers

A12: Ceremony, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, groom’s bouquet.

A13: Music

A14: Musicians in the ceremony, disco in the restaurant.

A15: Photographer

A16: Video, additional photos.

A17: Transfers

A18: Rental car, bus for guests.

A19: Stationery

A20: Invitations, thank you letters, guest book.

A21: Gifts

A22: Attention to the guests, a gift for non-attendants.


In the odd boxes highlights the cell with bold and with a background for the boxes for example orange or another color that you like.

Next, in column B, specifically in cell B1, record the amount of expenditure that you think you will make, for example, 12,000.
In the even boxes B4, B6, B8, … enter the following formula to find the percent: = C4 / 12000, change C4 to C6, C8, etc. To go faster you can copy the B4 and make a special paste, Formulas in the rest of the indicated cells.
Continue entering the amount that you estimate you will spend in each concept, automatically settle the result in percentage in column B.
In boxes C23 and D23, it performs an autosum of the corresponding columns, that is, from C4 to C22 and from D4 to D22.
As you make the actual payments for each concept you have to write it down in the corresponding box in column D and see if you have adequately accommodated as budgeted.

Some tips for your wedding budget or similar events

To get an idea of ​​how the template looks in the image of this article, also if you want to make another similar for a baptism or a first communion, just change the concepts of spending a little and you can do it in the same book on a different sheet.

Finally, I would like to tell you that you can find spreadsheets already made for free and that you only have to download them, with more or less content than you have done in this example, access the Microsoft page or you can also find some on the Google Drive website or in the of Apple Numbers.

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